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Damn it I'm a couple hours late!!! I just missed the day of the challenge AGAIN!!! I'm so sorry you guys! I'm on vacation and its hard to keep up. The only good news is that I'm getting a lot of new nail polish!! So I will return with a lot to do and try!! It's Christmas for me!!!! Today as I was paying for a Halloween bowl and some nail polish the associate put all my nail polish inside the bowl :) I couldn't help to think that that would be better for me than candy!!!!

Ok so stop the bla, bla, bla and on to the challenge!

So... I began this challenge without any motivation, tried some gold and blue combo that was a total fail, and gave up. I chose to do something different instead and applied one of my untried colors: 669 from Maybelline.

I absolutely LOVED this color. The formula is very thin which allows it to dry super fast and yet it has a good coverage. I did two coats. It also has a semi-matte finish which goes really well with the shade. But I wanted it to shine, so I applied a coat of Seche Vite.

Then I also wanted to try Black Out by Kleancolor. A black and silver chunky glitter and I used it for my accent nail. It was only a couple hours later that it occurred to me that I could use this beautiful shade of grey to try to do the half moons again. I did it and I fell in love!

For the half moons I used Lush Lavendar by LA Girl Color Craze.
I liked the end result, and discovered a new pattern to love!

Have a good night sleep!!!

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  2. Yay!! Glad you liked it Lisa! Thank you so much! :)


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