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G is for Glitter Girl

Hi nailistas! Another wednesday, another challenge...yipee!! I'm so thankful for all the lovely comments you guys leave me, you make me so happy...seriously thank you so much! I'm also feeling extra lucky this week because yesterday Lariesa from Me, Myself and Polish notified me I had won the first prize of her 100th GFC giveaway!!! I can't believe it! Like I told her, I had never won anything before! I'm so super excited to get some more of those incredible indie polishes! Thank you so, so much Lariesa! :D

Okay, so I think many of us will pick glitter today because glitter polishes are awesome in so many ways :) . I chose a polish called Glitter Girl by the independent brand Lush Lacquer.
This is the first time I ordered something from Karin & Lexi's shop at Etsy, and everything went on perfectly! It took it twenty days to be on my doorstep :) five days to ship and fifteen days to get here...you might think that's a lot but for international shipments I think its average. It's also my first time buying independent brand polishes!
If you go to their store I'm pretty sure you'll fall in love with more than one of their awesome creations.

Glitter Girl has a combination of purple, pink, black, white and silver holographic glitters in different shapes and sizes on a clear base. Pink and purple are my favorite colors so picking this one was a no brainer.

On the first pics you'll see Glitter Girl layered over Love Affair by Kleancolor. This was the color I was looking for when I bought Revlon's Bold Sangria! I liked the combination, but the black glitters in Glitter Girl get a bit lost in all the darkness. I'm wearing two coats of each polish.

As you can see on the pic below, the large glitters lay pretty flat and there's absolutely no curling or fishing for them....Nice! This pic is before the topcoat:

This is a shot of the bottle of gorgeous Glitter Girl:

Since I am very much in love with this polish here's another look! Yes! Two looks in one post yay!
I was curious of how Glitter Girl would look over a lighter base color, so I applied two coats of  Rosa Pastel (which means Pastel Pink) by Bissú, a mexican brand, and then only one coat of Glitter Girl applied diagonally. I also placed a few large glitters using a dotting tool.
What do you think? Which look do you like the most? I hope you liked this! Thanks for reading :D


Hola chicas!!! Estoy muy emocionada de por primera vez presentarles un esmalte de marca independiente! Se trata de Glitter Girl de Lush Lacquer.
Lush Lacquer es el nombre de la marca de Karin y Lexi que se vende en Etsy. Tenía mucho que había visto esta marca en varios blogs pero la verdad tenía un poco de miedo de pedirlos hasta México...pero pues me animé. Los ordené, cinco días después los enviaron y quince días más tarde llegaron hasta mi casa. En total veinte días. No sé pero siento que estuvo bien, creo que más o menos eso tardan los envíos internacionales.
Este esmalte me encanto obviamente porque en su mayoría tiene rosa y morado (mis colores preferidos!) Pero también tiene blanco, negro y unos pequeñitos glitters holográficos plateados. Todos suspendidos en una base transparente.
Me encanto tanto que hice dos looks con el. En el primero apliqué dos capas de Love Affair de Kleancolor, que es el tono que buscaba cuando compré Bold Sangria de Revlon. Me gustó como se ven juntos aunque los glitters negros de Glitter Girl se pierden en la oscuridad de Love Affair.

Es por eso que quise aplicarlo sobre una base más clara como este Rosa Pastel de Bissú. Yo sé que Bissú es muy barato y eso nos puede dar la impresión de que son de baja calidad, pero últimamente he notado que esta marca no le pide nada a las demás.
Apliqué una capa de Glitter Girl en forma diagonal y coloqué manualmente algunos glitters. En general me encantó este esmalte, espero que hayan disfrutado verlo.
Ustedes díganme qué look les gustó más.

Come with me to look at more "G" inspired creations!

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  1. Oh, I love it over that lavender color! So pretty!

  2. As much as I am a fan of dark colors, I have to say the pastel pink (almost looks lavender) with the diagonal glitter is beautiful.

  3. OMG That is Stunning. It looks beautiful over both colours but with the pastel IT IS TO DIE FOR!! This is going on my wish list ASAP hehe
    Congrats on your win by the way :)

  4. Congrats again on winning girl! :) Your mani's look amazing like always! I think my favorite is your second mani. I really love the delicate base and how you placed the glitter. I can't wait to see what you've bought! I purchased the Gift Card so you should get an email today from Llarowe! :)

    1. Thank you so much Lariesa! :D I already placed my order but I want it to be a surprise, so I won't let you know what I got just yet! :P
      I'll do a proper entry in due time ;)

  5. The second manicure is really stunning. I love how you placed the glitter polish. Great job! :)

  6. LOVE the second manicure! Really catches the eye.

  7. I love both but the second one is to die for!! Congrats on the win!!

  8. I love the second one!!! Wow, love the light lilac, it makes the darker glitters really pop! Nice job!

    1. Yes I agree it almost looks like a different glitter polish. Thanks!

  9. They're both so amazing, I love the shades, and the subtle glitter on the last one is just brilliant. J'adore.

  10. Ohhh! That's a gorgeous glitter! It's absolutely stunning over the pastel polish!! I need to add this on my wishlist now :)

    And congrats on the giveaway win :))

  11. I must say I couldn't really choose a favourite underwear! These glitters are amazing! Need to add it to my wishlist!

  12. What a pretty glitter!! I love it over the light purple!!

  13. El glitter es precioso, y las dos manicuras también, pero mi preferida es la segunda! Ha quedado estupendísima :D

  14. Woah......I must have this glitter. Just stunning!

    I love both looks but over the light purple? WOW!!!! the light base really makes those glitters pop! And I love the diagonal application. Just..wow!!!!!

    1. Thank you Kimber! I'm delighted to hear you liked it!!!

  15. I love this polish! So pretty! I really do love it over the light pink. The idea to do it diagonal is really neat. :)

  16. This looks amazing! I especially love it over the darker colour!

  17. So gorgeous! I have a few Lush Lacquers and I love them, I am definitely going to have to get this one next!

  18. i LOVE glitter. cant wait for tomorrows

  19. Ohhhhh that is pretty!!! I love the 2nd one the most I think. That glitter is gorgeous!

  20. I like them both but I have to say the second one is anazing!!! I want that pink! Such a beautiful color to layer that glitter over!

  21. the glitter over the lilac is purely beautiful!

  22. Here I am stalking your blog hehe!
    Girl! my brain is all messed up now with the English and Spanish entries! I'm bilingual but when the two languages are switched I have to stick to only one LOL!
    I absolutely loooooooove your second mani! The glitter stands out but it's subtle at the same time.
    so glad to find another Mexican that like indie polishes too! I have a few that I got when I used to travel to the States for work, including Lush Lacquer ones (too bad THEY are not longer shipping internationally)
    I have some questions though:

    1. have you ever ordered any other indie polishes and received them safe and sound? I mean, weren't the polishes taken by the customs?
    2. have you every heard of that service that provides a US address to receive the things you want to buy and then sends the things to you?
    I want to order several indie polishes but I am soooo afraid to lose them because of the customs!
    Okay, I will continuing with the stalking! :)

    1. Hi again Adry! Stalk me all you want! :D
      About your q's:
      1. Every single polish or nail art accesory I have ordered online has arrived safe and sound and everytime faster! However, you must be aware that when your package passes through the customs might get a red light and you'll be forced to pay a tax when you pick it up, this tax is calculated according to the value they estimate of the package.
      I had to pay this once, when a member of my family sent us Xmas gifts :(

      2. I have heard of that service but I have never used it and I don't think you need it either.

      My advice would be that you test YOUR postal office with a small order, so that if you don't get it you won't lose a lot of money, get to know your postman and tip him when he delivers your packages, that's what's worked for me.

      Oh! And last yes I ordered this one directly from Lush Lacquer but I have also ordered from Llarowe, Cirque, Born Pretty Store, KKCenterHK, Amazon, etc
      Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  23. Oh! good to know! I've followed Llarowe on Facebook since she carried Lynderella, I have two Lynnderellas, they were 15USD each but now they are wayyyyy too pricy, I mean, it's crazy, I've seen some shades been auctioned around $600 dollars on Ebay!!!! I also have some Ozotic polishes that I got on Llarowe´s website and several Lush Lacquers on etsy. I want some of the new Lush Lacquers (all the glitter toppers to start with) and some polishes from this Aussie brand called Picture Polished, have you seen the colors? so pretty!
    I love my indies and when my friends want me to do their nails (for free, of course) I always hide them! I know, so selfish, but they are so difficult to get that I don't even want to use them!


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