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You probably noticed how I rebelled and didn't do Sunday's challenge Gradient Nails...oopsie! I just really wanted to enjoy my patriotic mani last weekend I'm sorry!! But I will do it....soon....I hope! ;)

So today we are on the day 11 and that means we are beginning with the patterns! Though as you could see, we've all used some patterns for our past creations in the challenge... but it's fun to know that now we can use any colors we want which makes this a whole lot more fun because I get to use my untrieds!!!! Yay!!!

For example this color: Spanish Moss by Revlon. I had had it for a while and never used it before and I kept seeing that Zoya Evvie and couldn't help to think of this shade. I wanted to wear it so badly!-specially since Zoya is not available in Mexico :(-  I have been pleasantly surprised by the line Colorstay of Revlon. The application is good, the brush is great to work with and the formula is so pigmented I did ONE coat. Can you believe it? It's a great cheaper choice!

Look at it isn't it the perfect shade for transitioning to fall? I'm sooo loving it :)
*I realized in the pics this color looks grey! but it isn't, it is green...just so you know

On my accent nails I used two coats of Whimsical by L.A. Girl a great nude shade and used two dotting tools of different sizes with Spanish Moss.


A day later I went on with my original idea, but I guess I still like more the look above!

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Así que hoy estamos en el día 11 lo cual quiere decir que empezamos con: patrones!!! Siiii!!! Me late mas esta idea porque ya podemos usar los colores que queramos y yo puedo usar al fin los que tengo y nunca he usado por ejemplo: Spanish Moss de Revlon. Es un verde militar cremoso muuuy de moda para el otoño que desde que lo vi me encantó. Además de que esta muy pigmentado y con una sola capa cubre muy bien.

Para el tema de hoy que es "Uñas con Lunares" hice primero solo la "accent nail" con base Whimsical de L.A. Girl, es un color carne. Y al día siguiente prosegui con mi idea original y tambien le hice puntitos a las demás uñas aunque creo que me gustaba mas antes!

Hacer los lunares es muy fácil, yo uso el palito de madera que es para bajar la cuticula. En el paquetito que compré vienen 4 y tienen diferente punta lo que me permite hacer puntos grandes y chicos con uno y otro.

Hasta la próxima!^^

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  1. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I have to pick up that green!

    Also, I dont know if you're into swaps at all, but if you ever want to do one, I can definitely swap for Zoya. Ulta always has them here.

    1. Thank you so much Kimber, I have never swapped but don't worry I'll get all my Zoya when I go to the US on vacation soon!! I can't wait!!! :)

  2. This is SO pretty! I love it!

  3. I think you did a gorgeous and creative job. Beautifullllllllllllllllllllllll!!! :)

    So very pretty!!!!


  4. Gorgeous! Love the color and love your rose ring!


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