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Hey girls! Today's menu: Rainbow Nails. I must admit I was not excited about this challenge and I postponed it as much as I could because I was thinking: rainbow? that reminds me of me in kindergarden carrying around my Rainbow Brite doll!-don't get me wrong I loved her so much, but this week I had to go to take care of some affairs and I kept thinking: the people at the offices are going to look at me like: what's with this lady and her toddler nails?!...
Aww!! Remember??
So I tried to think of a way in which I would enjoy them and I came up with the spun sugar nails!!! And now I love the way they look!!!^^

Here is the tutorial I watched:

Based on that, what I did was this:

I first put all the drops of all the colors at the same time on the surface (a yoghurt cap) and waited about 5 minutes for them to dry and become "stringy". I used about 4 large drops of every color on each hand.
The colors I used were:
-Base color: White On- Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear
-Noite Quente- Maybelline Colorama
-Green with Envy -Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear
-Sunshine Sparkle- Revlon
-Snappy Sorbet- Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
-Cherry Red- Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

I know, I know. The rainbow should have 7 colors but I wanted to do only the colors we have done in the challenge :)

I didn't go nail by nail but color by color. Which means I did all the purple on the 5 nails of a hand, and then blue, and so on -to save time AND polish!-

When I finished I felt like if I didn't apply a topcoat it would be too vulnerable and I loved this mani so much I wanted to protect it. But I must say it is hard to apply a topcoat on this spun nails!!! And in the end I regretted it because it totally takes away the cool 3D effect the chubby strings had (shown below). Now they just look like plain lines :(

I also would like to say that this dries fast! I thought it would take forever but no, even before I applied my topcoat it was already superdry to the point that I could squash the little clumps and nothing happened o.O
It took me overall about two hours, but I had my baby running around and even had to change a diaper! Lol!!

Anyhow I love it!


No tenía nada de ganas de hacer este reto. Pensaba: Uñas de Arcoiris? me recuerda al jardín de niños y a Rainbow Brite. Y no es que no me gustara, pero esta semana tenía que hacer unos trámites y me daba un poco de vergüenza ir con mis uñas aniñadas.
Así que me puse a pensar de que manera podía hacerlas de un modo en que las disfrutara y entonces me tope con este vídeo en el que enseñan la técnica de "algodón de azúcar" refiriéndose a los hilitos que lo forman.
El resultado es impresionante y en 3D! Hacerlo es sencillo aunque un poco tardado. Empecé por poner 4 gotas de cada color en una superficie (por ejemplo, yo use la tapa de un yogurt) y esperé aprox unos 5 minutos a que se hiciera "chicloso" al moverlo con un palillo.
Empece a pasar los hilos color por color en todas las uñas, pero tu lo puedes hacer como te acomode, puede ser mejor uña por uña, el chiste es que funcione para ti y bueno, yo lo hice así tratando de no desperdiciar mucho esmalte ^^.
Después de limpiar lo que queda en la piel y admirar esta hermosa técnica, mi cabeza no dejaba de pensar en aplicar el topcoat (brillo). Así que lo hice. Y me arrepiento, porque le quito lo "gordito" a muchos de los hilitos :( ahora solo parecen líneas....
También quisiera mencionar que no tarda mucho en secar. Aunque parezca que esos hilitos gordos no secarán nunca, sí lo hacen.
Bueno, de cualquier modo yo quedé fascinada por el resultado ;) hasta la próxima!

I know, I stole some of my baby's toys for the pics! ^^
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  1. These look awesome! I am totally not a Rainbow nails kinda girl, but I like them on other people. You made Rainbow look good!

  2. Outstanding rainbow nails, darlin'! You did a great job, all around: polish application, nail filing, text and photography.

    Applauding from New York!


  3. Oh, and the toys (including mini glasses)? Super touch!

    You nailed it! :)


  4. Respuestas
    1. Yes me too this is the first time I've ever done it because I was scared maybe it was too difficult but I was surprised at how easy it is. Once again I realize you just have to WANT to do something to be able to do it!!

  5. These are spectacular! I need to try this tutorial!

  6. You totally should! It looks so pretty! ;)

  7. Me encantarooonnn!!!! Se ve q es muy tardado de hacer pero creo que vale la pena

    1. Hola!! ;) si Roma algo de tiempo pero es facil y te va a encantar el resultado!

  8. Mariiiiiiii....las voy a intentar.... con que me salgan la mitad de bellas que a ti... me doy x bien servida!!!!!!!


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