lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012


Hey guys!! Doing this nails was such an adventure! When I started setting up all my materials to paint my nails in the dining room table my husband passed by and said "Careful not to knock the remover over on the table" which I responded "of course not, it is closed, look" ...then I began to paint my nails.

Remember I told you about Lush Lavendar a beautiful silver-lilac shimmer polish by L.A. Colors color craze? Well I did two coats and it was still very sheer and since I definitely didn't plan to put 5 coats on I changed plans. I decided to apply a coat of Grey Matter by Rimmel underneath which is -as its name indicates- a plain creamy gray.

I ended up a bit disappointed because even when it did cover up well it made my Lush Lavendar look just silver! It took away all the reflections it has. :(

I did an accent nail with a lightning bolt and it was so hard to do!!!! Lol! I guess it was because I was a bit impatient and ruined it the first time so I had to do it again. It turned out ok I think.

And just when I reached for my Seche Vite guess what happened? I knocked over the polish remover on the wooden dining table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG! I had opened it when I corrected my lightning bolts and didn't close it!!!! The worst thing was that I tried to dry it with the first thing I could grab: cotton. Worst idea ever because it removed a layer of the paint. Oops! Catastrophe!
I guess if I hadn't done that it would've evaporated and not done so much damage but well, what's done its done. I'm telling you this to remind you to be extra careful when you're working with nail polish remover and nail polish. :( though in mind I think my husband jinxed it! Lol!

Well, that was my accident with these metallic nails.

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6 comentarios:

  1. These are beautiful!

    I hate it when I spill acetone. I tend to spill often, too. Usually when I'm cleaning up, my brush will catch on my dappen dish and knock it over. My poor table is multi-colored now!

  2. I'm sorry I'm laughing right now!! Did the hubby tell you, I told you so?!? Despite the accident, these turned out really cool - I've been wanting to do a lightening bolt mani for some time, but was too lazy to do all the tape cutting etc.

    1. Hahaha!!! Yes! He said I told you so!! And yes the lightning bolt was a total chaos I understand why you're lazy about it :P

  3. LOL. What a day you're having!!!! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog.

    Let's hope for no spills tomorrow!!! (nail polish remover for you....and nail polish for me. i dropped a bottle on my carpet!)


  4. This is an absolutely gorgeous mani! Que lindo!! <3


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