domingo, 27 de enero de 2013

Caviar Pearls experience

Hi dear nailistas! So last post I promised I would update the info about what it was like to wear the very popular 'caviar manicure'. Although my experience was limited because I only used the beads on accent nails and not on the tip of the nails, which probably made it last longer. I wore that manicure for three days.

Well, one thing I skipped last time was telling you the difference between using one topcoat from another. I used Seche Vite on my left hand's accent nail and I used Sally Hansen's Insta dry Clearly Quick on my right hand.

Seche Vite was ok, it performed as expected not letting any bead fall off. The only thing that came off was a part of the striping tape and the color on top of the blue beads as you can see in the pic. But I assume that was normal wear & tear.

However Clearly Quick Insta Dri was no good for this type of manicure. From the beginning it made the color of the beads 'bleed'. I left it that way and as you can see my right hand's accent nail is missing a few chunks of caviar beads and all the striping tape!

I didn't take any special care with them, they survived my showers, my baby's baths and constant hand washing too.

They were easy to remove as well, just the average wrapping in foil technique and they were off me in about three min.

Overall I think they are more than ok, they don't feel as rough as I thought they would, neither did they get stuck with anything. I had fun looking at them and people wondering 'where do you get those?'
I had a positive experience with them. Have you tried them? Any tips or tricks you can share are welcome!


Hola, hola! En el post anterior les dije que les iba a contar como me iba con las perlitas de caviar.

Tomando en cuenta que yo solo las use en una uña en cada mano y no en las puntas, cosas que quizá favorecieron que durarán más.

Como les comenté en el post anterior, en la mano izquierda use Seche Vite y en la derecha Clearly Quick de Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.
Seche Vite funciono bien, en ese dedo solo se desprendió un pedazo de cintilla, pero las perlas se mantuvieron en su lugar aunque si se despintaron un poco las azules pero imagino que es el desgaste normal.

Por el contrario Clearly Quick corrió el color de las perlas desde un inicio, se desprendieron perlas y toda la cintilla, así que como que no sirve muy bien para este propósito!

Fueron fáciles de remover, use la técnica de envolver en papel aluminio y en tres minutos ya se habían ido.

No tome ninguna precaución especial al usarlas. Resistieron: baños míos y de mi bebe y constantes lavadas de manos.

En general yo me divertí mucho usándolas y mi experiencia fue positiva :)
Ustedes las han usado?

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  1. Good to know, Mari! Thanks for the update, my dear!


  2. Thanks so much for this, you have me wanting to pull out my micro beads now!!


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