domingo, 20 de enero de 2013

Bold Sangria & Rockstar Pink

Hey lovelies! When I was reviewing my polishes looking for the ones of which name started with a B for the past challenge I came across this rich plum color called Bold Sangria by Revlon. It is a perfect vampy color, full of shine. The formula is creamy and opaque in two coats. It is highly pigmented so I recommend wearing two coats of basecoat to prevent staining!
I expected it to have more of a blue undertone instead of a red one, but well... you never know the true color until you apply it, right?... 

I sponged Rockstar Pink by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear on the tips. Rockstar Pink contains mostly pink glitter but also blue, red and gold glitter. It's really pretty.
Finally, I applied Clearly Quick by Sally Hansen Insta-Dry for smoothness and shine.
Thanx and see you soon!


Buenos días chicas!!! Cuando buscaba esmaltes que iniciaran con B para el reto anterior me tope con este Bold Sangría de Revlon. Es un tono súper sexy, lleno de brillo. Es de formula cremosa y está altamente pigmentado, tanto que recomiendo usar dos capas de basecoat para que no se les manchen sus uñitas. Yo esperaba que fuera más un morado-azulado que un morado-rojizo, pero bueno...nunca se sabe el verdadero tono hasta que lo aplicas verdad? :)

Por último aplique con una esponjita de maquillaje humedecida un poco de Rockstar Pink de Sally Hansen que es un esmalte de puro glitter!! está genial! Contiene en su mayoría glitter rosa pero también tiene glitter azul, rojo y dorado :D Se aplica super fácil y tiene alta cobertura tambien o sea que si lo quisieras usar solo seguro que con dos o tres capas quedaría bien.

Bueno es todo por hoy, les escribo pronto y gracias por pasar por aquí!

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  1. The glitter looks great with that color and gives it a little edge :)

  2. Both nail polishes are so beautiful! Great combination :)

  3. What cute color, and the result it looks great :)

    1. Thank you Claudia! I'm happy you enjoyed it!

  4. You're right. It's so hard to tell what a polish truly looks like by the bottle. That's why swatches like yours are so fabulous!!! Thanks for posting this polish. It's one I've walked by several times and wondered about.

    AND...I love the glitter tips. It kicks it up a notch.

    Nice job, Mari!

    1. It's my pleasure Lisa! I'm happy it was useful for you. :)

  5. Superbe! I'm going to try Rockstar on my Bahama mama made by Essie. It should loork great too, thansk for the idea!


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