miércoles, 9 de enero de 2013

A is for Angel Wings


Hello ladies!!! Yay today is the first day of the ABC Challenge that Kimber from Kimber's Lacquer Corner is hosting! :) I am so excited to begin a new challenge with a lot of the girls that were in the past 31 Day Challenge and a bunch of new girls as well! :D more talent to see hooray!
If you want to join us you can do it anytime, everybody's welcome!

So today we begin with the letter A obviously, and I chose Angel Wings by Ciaté. I got this polish in the Mini Mani Month. It is a metallic, pearly white...very sweet and innocent shade. It reminds me of a wedding dress. It is quite sheer, I applied four thin coats and you can still see the nail line, but it's ok to me.
As you probably know, these shimmery metallic polishes are hard to apply because they tend to reveal every streak and mistake you make so you have to be extra careful with the application here.
Then I applied these tiny white studs I've had for years and did some sort of a french tip. The studs are holographic but it doesn't show on the photos.
I really liked the result and this color had me thinking it could be a nice option for a bride's manicure...so I got a little crazy and took a few pictures with my rings ;P


Hola, hola chicas! Les cuento q estoy en un nuevo reto, este se llama Reto ABC y consiste en hacer un manicure cada miércoles con un esmalte cuyo nombre, marca o técnica del nail art comience con la letra del abecedario en turno. Todo el mundo es bienvenido asi que si se nos quieren unir, adelante!

Hoy iniciamos con la A de Angel Wings de Ciaté. Es un blanco metálico- aperlado muy dulce e inocente. Me recuerda a un vestido de novia. :P Es bastante traslúcido, aplique 4 capas delgadas y aún se pueden ver mis uñas pero me gusta. Como siempre estos tonos aperlados-nacarados son difíciles de aplicar porque tienden a mostrar cada defecto de los brochazos y las uñas, así que hay q ser muy cuidadosas al aplicarlo.

Después se me ocurrió ponerle estas tachuelitas blancas que tengo desde hace ya bastante tiempo y crear una punta francesa con ellas. Me gustó muchísimo el resultado, se me hizo súper romántico e ideal para una novia en el día de su boda, así que me aloqué un poco y tomé unas fotos con anillos ;P jeje

Let's go and check out what the other girls did for the challenge!

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  1. This nail polish is so beautiful! It really suits you :)

  2. That is a beautiful manicure and your rings are gorgeous :) I created a FB group for our challenge team. If you want to join in here's the addy http://www.facebook.com/groups/318728534911715/

  3. This is so beautiful! It would definitely look nice as a bride's mani!

  4. Oh, Mari...this is STUNNING! You did a super job!

  5. So pretty! Those studs look awesome, and your rings are amazing!!

  6. Your nails are wonderful! And you're true about this kind of polishes showing every single flaw of the nails. I could never wear them because of my big ridges in some nails :(

  7. Thank you all girls for your sweet comments! 💜

  8. Wow thats so pretty! What an elegant mani! Love to do challenges with you again Mari :)

  9. this is a beautiful color! and your right it would look lovely on a bride and i love the last shot of you with a ring!

  10. I like how it looks like a pearl!



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