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T is for Too Yatch To Handle

Hello girls from all around the world!!! Today it's time for letter "T" on Kimber's Lacquer Korner's ABC Challenge and I chose Too Yatch to Handle by China Glaze, this beautiful turquoise blue I can't stop looking at. It reminds me of the beaches of the Caribbean. *sigh*
However, as much as I love the color of this polish I did have some trouble with the formula. First of all, I have the bad habit of shaking polishes before applying them. Don't blame me! For years and years I've read "Shake Gently" on the bottles and perhaps I forgot about the gently part of it. So probably because of that I ended up with bubbles on some of the nails. If you look close enough, you can even see them in the bottle!
There was also dragging and balding, but after I applied the second coat everything looked better. And after I applied my top coat of choice, Seche Vite, the bubbles were gone :)
On the following two pics you will see two coats of Too Yatch to Handle without top coat.
Hola chicas! Hoy les traigo este lindo esmalte turquesa  Too Yatch to Handle de China Glaze de la colección del momento Sunsational Summer 2013. Lo pueden conseguir en las tiendas Sally Beauty Supply en toda la republica. Este tono se me hace lindísimo, me recuerda las aguas cristalinas del mar Caribe. Pero claro, cuando se lo mostré a mi esposo esperando que dijera algo lindo, ¿saben que me dijo? "A mi me recuerda a los azulejos de algún baño".... o.O....ok.....jajaja.
La formula si deja algo que desear porque al pasar los pincelazos deja "huecos" y queda disparejo. sin embargo, al aplicar la segunda capa se nivela y queda bien.
También es esos de los que si los agitas fuerte, se le forman burbujas. Yo sé que eso de agitar fuerte no se debe hacer precisamente porque forma burbujas en el esmalte que se pueden pasar a la uña durante la aplicación, pero pues yo tengo la mala costumbre y rara vez me ocurre esto.
Pero noté que al aplicar el top coat Seche Vite las burbujas desparecieron! En las siguientes dos fotos pueden verlo con dos capas sin top coat (si agrandan la imagen dando click sobre ella verán las burbujitas de las que les hablo)

Then I applied two coats of Tart with a Heart by Butter London on my index finger. I stamped my ring finger with the plate Mash-47 and my pinkie with Mash-41 using Shoot the Moon by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. I filled in some of the shapes on the stamp of my ring finger with the colors listed below. I didn't do it perfectly (though I tried lol!!) because I started doing it with a dotting tool. Not the best choice. And then I remembered I have a ton of nail art brushes (duh!), I took the tiniest and then it improved (see the yellow one, for example), but I was too lazy to re-do it all again. So it stayed like that, but either way from afar it looked pretty in my opinion. :D

These are the colors I used to fill the stamping:
Lightest Green: Absolutely Shore- Essie
Purple: Noite Quente- Maybelline Colorama
Yellow: Sunshine Sparkle- Revlon
Mint Green: Highlight of my Summer- China Glaze
Gold: Infinity Band- Sally Hansen Diamond Strength
Pink: Candy- Revlon
Periwinkle: Secret Peri-Winkle- China Glaze

I couldn't capture how beautifully Tart with a Heart glistened with this color base, I really loved it.
Well, that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed looking at this beautiful color :) Have a good day!

Después para hacerle "algo" apliqué dos capas de Tart with a Heart de Butter London en mi dedo índice. En las fotos no se alcanza a ver lo lindo que luce ese glitter sobre este tono como base, en verdad brillaba mucho y hermoso!
En mi dedo anular y meñique estampé con Shoot the Moon de Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure las placas Mash-47 (anular) y Mash-41 (meñique). Después decidí rellenar algunas figuras de mi dedo anular con los siguientes tonos:

Verde claro: Absolutely Shore- Essie
Morado: Noite Quente- Maybelline Colorama
Amarillo: Sunshine Sparkle- Revlon
Verde menta: Highlight of my Summer- China Glaze
Dorado: Infinity Band- Sally Hansen Diamond Strength
Rosa: Candy- Revlon
Azul-morado: Secret Peri-Winkle- China Glaze
No quedo perfecto verdad, porque me equivoque y empecé a rellenar con un puntero. Mala elección. Recordé que tengo bastantes pincelitos para nail art, fui por uno delgaditito y la cosa mejoro (chequen el amarillo, por ejemplo) pero no iba a hacer todo de nuevo así que así  se quedo!

Espero que les haya gustado este color y si lo quieren corran a Sally porque están volando!
Que tengan un lindo día!!

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  1. Ohhh te quedo muy linda y el color es precioso

    Saludos desde www.aindriuu.blogspot.com

  2. MARII!!!!! OMG, this is gorgeous. ANOTHER fabu mani. Girl, what on earth are you eating for breakfast? The world wants to know.

    I haven't wrapped my head around "T" yet. Bad, bad nail blogger (hangs head in faux shame). I'll get there. It's just more fun to read my blogroll right now. LOL.

    Super duper "T"!

    1. LOL!!! Thank youuu!!! Must be something in my cereal...hmmmm...:D
      And yes, you're a bad blogger...I MISS YOU!!!Hurry up already! :)
      At least I'm expecting to see something from Liz's indies tonight...

  3. Love the color and your additions with the stamping and coloring are perfect!

  4. I love these!! And that blue! I love how each nail is different!! I just can't seem to do that successfully. Great job!!

  5. That base color is so pretty, and I love the finished effect!

  6. What a perfect shade of light blue, I love it! And I love your nail art too, in particular your ring finger. :)

  7. Too yacht to handle is AMAZING! Really gorgeous and works perfect with your skintone! And I love the twists you added!

  8. That China Glaze is awesome! And your ring nail art is gorgeousness!

  9. What a beautiful turquoise! Is it hot in Mexico now? I imagine... When the weather is hot where I am I tend to have some bubbling issues.... Last summer my air conditioner was not working for 10 days, that's when I noticed the bubbles plus I was shaking my bottles because the pigments were separating from the warm weather. Well, anyhow thank goodness for seche vite fixing the problem!

    1. Is it hot in Mexico?...It's hot as HELL!!! :D really, it's so hot. I might die of dehydration, I'm sweating almost all day. I don't like to turn on the air conditioner all the time because I get a sore throat :( so I guess I'll be dealing with bubbles this season...

    2. AC makes your throat sore... Wow, that is too bad, maybe the AC makes the air too dry? I guess it is best not to use it like you said. I would hate to see you get sick from it. Stay hydrated this summer, my dear!

  10. I love that color, great for summer! You did a great job with your nail art.

  11. No manches Mari!! Esta padrisimo tu diseño! Yo tambien compre dos de los cremes de esa coleccion y la formula tampoco es muy buena : /

  12. That blue is really amazing! And I love your final mani, especially that stained glass effect on your ring finger, it's really pretty =)

  13. This is so clever! That blue looks breathtaking on you :D

  14. Beautiful color and your nail art is just gorgeous!

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