viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

Clowning Around in Candyland

Hiya ladies!!! How are you today? It's been a very emotional day for me, my baby entered day care today and I just couldn't help crying...but well let's get to the manicure!
When I saw Jindie Nails' Candyland on Katherine's post I was in awe!!! Such a pretty polish!!!! but when I read her review about it, I didn't feel like buying it. And even looking at the bottle shots you can see how the glitters are at the bottom so I was like 'No, no that looks like a never ending fishing tale'.
But then I see that my fave indie polish brand (Lush Lacquer) is releasing a whole new collection of Neon Glitter Polishes!!!!......whoa!! you HAVE TO check them out!!! I personally fell in love with Clowning Around because of the clear base, that means you can layer it over any color. The bad news? I set a personal goal not to buy any polishes this month...and I'm trying to prove myself and my husband that I can do it!!! so I will have to wait a while to get it.
However.....they're having a giveaway!! Yes, here's some hope for me (and you, too)! All you have to do is spread the word about their Neon Collection and report it on their Facebook page over here! They also have affordable promos of their mini bottles that include the Neon Collection, so there's really no excuse (unless you're on a no-buy like me!). You can read a full review on the collection at Crystal's Crazy Combos.
But since I don't know if I'll win or not and I desperately wanted to sport a similar look, I tried to do this: I painted on a coat of White On by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear and on top of it I made large dots with all the neon colors shown and listed below:

From left to right: Marshmallow- Essie, Neon Orange, Neon Lime, TLC, Neon Amethyst, Neon Pink and Neon Aqua all by Kleancolor.
This is how it looked:

To make the neons look softer like they do on Candyland and Clowning Around, I applied two coats of Essie's Marshmallow, a white jelly:

I'm pretty pleased with the results, I do think I made a little too many large dots, but... you see? that's why Clowning Around would've looked so much better! (are you reading this hubby?...LOL!)

So what do you think? ...That's gonna be it for me today, have a wonderful weekend and month!!

Hola chicas!!! como están? Hoy ha sido un día muy emocional para mi porque mi bebe entró al Maternal y no pude evitar llorar! Es horrible escuchar que llora y no poder ir a abrazarlo!...:'( pero en fin...
Cuando vi el post de Katherine sobre Candyland de Jindie Nails me enamoré. Ese esmalte esta di-vi-no. Pero cuando leí que aplicarlo era una monserga dije mmm...creo que entonces no lo comprare.
Pero cual va siendo mi sorpresa al enterarme que mi marca preferida de esmaltes independientes Lush Lacquer estaba lanzando una colección entera de glitters neón!!! Wow! debes verlos están geniales!
Desafortunadamente, tengo un reto personal de no comprar esmaltes este mes, pero ellos están regalando 6 esmaltes! Lo único que debes hacer es hacerle promoción a su colección neon y reportarlo aquí!
Como yo estoy desesperada por traer ese look, intente hacer algo similar (arriba pueden ver las fotos y los nombres de los esmaltes que usé). Primero puse una capa de esmalte blanco, encima puntitos de colores neon y encima dos capas de Marshmallow de Essie que es un jelly blanco para atenuar los tonos neon.

Espero tengan un lindo fin de semana e inicio de mes!

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  1. So cute :) I want this Essie nail polish :)

  2. Where to start?

    Hugs re: dropping your precious one off at daycare for the first time. It's a universal experience that Moms the world over can relate to. Big hugs.

    I'm on "something" of a polish-austerity budget myself (as is Liz.) It's soooo hard. LOLOLOLOL. I've not gone cold turkey but have transitioned from buying a dozen or more poishes, down to one or two per month. In this house, that's damn close to austerity.

    I actually prefer your rendition of Candyland, to the real thing. As for the LushLacquer neon glitters? OMG. OMG. OMG. I'll need to wear a straight jacket (or develop a willpower of steel), in order to avoid buying these babies.

    And the Kleancolors? Love 'em. I hear they're "stinky" but couldn't care less. Wish they sold them in these parts.

    Your pix and review is super.

    Here's hoping for an early and lovely spring!!!


  3. Hi Lisa! Awww thanks for the hugs! It's a terrible experience to say bye bye to your baby and leave him with strangers (even if its only for a few hours!) :(

    I'm glad you liked the mani, it's colorful and cheerful I guess ;) It's hard to resist buying sooo many cute polishes that we discover almost every day!

    The Kleancolors are great. Some of them yeah, are stinky but the cuteness is worth te stink! Lol!!!
    Remember how I was showing off my 90 degree weather? Well on Friday that changed conpletely and started raining....ugh....

    Thank you for your sweet words always!

  4. would you say the Essie white polish is better, less goopy, better of a formula than others you have tried (like sally hansen) I am trying to find a white, that doesnt streak, that isnt goopy and that I dont need 5 coats for it to be WHITE. :)

    new blogger here that is following ya. im going to be doing some nail updates as well so please follow me too if you would like!
    much nail love xoxox <3

    1. Hi dear! As far as white goes, I think it's hard to find a good one. This Marshmallow is a white 'crelly' so it isn't opaque. An opaque white I use (and that I used underneath this mani) is White On by Sally Hansen, which is good but somewhat goopy. If you can get it, I've read all sorts of raving reviews about My Boyfriend Scales Walls by OPI. Welcome to my blog, thank you for following I will surely check your blog out! xx :)


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